online casinos security

How Technology Boost Security for Online Casinos

Lokender Yadav
The online gambling industry has benefited significantly from technological advancements such as augmented reality and virtual reality technology.
AI in the gaming industry

How AI is Influencing the Video Gaming Industry

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Things like CRM, facial recognition, voice recognition, predictive asset maintenance, and sentiment analysis are all working as the pillars of AI in gaming industry.
craps game

Basic Mistakes Committed By Craps Players

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When punters gather at a gambling table to play craps, they enjoy an atmosphere that’s filled with excitement and thrill.
baccarat variant

Popular Variants of Baccarat Game in Online Casinos

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There are many variants of baccarat games that provide fun and excitement in an online casino game. Let’s understand the variants of this game.
5 card poker

Learn How to Play 5 Card Stud Poker

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The 5 Card Stud Poker game’s origin dates back to the time of outlaws and cowboys gambling in the salons of Wild West.
video poker

Tips to Select the Best Online Video Poker Games

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It is important to be careful as some poker games might initially offer full pay, but after a few rounds, it starts paying a lower payout.
blackjack players

Do Bad Blackjack Players Actually Affect Your Game?

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Most of the time, a losing player defends his own loss by blaming the player on their right. But that is not always true.
online casino control emotions

Keeping Emotions Under Control Is Important In Gambling

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At times, an over-excited player can take the game too far and end up losing more money than in a game where you were making a profit only a few minutes.

Bonus Systems Incorporated By Most Online Casinos

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To excel in the competition and come out at the top, online casinos need more and more users. So, they give bonuses to new players.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

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Progressive jackpot slots are a double-edged sword. It’s exciting and rewarding to play these games.

How to differentiate between good and bad bonus casinos?

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Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses to its players so that they keep playing using the bonus money along with real money on their site.
double attack blackjack

Blackjack Guide for Double Attack

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Double Attack is significantly different from the conventional version of the game played in an online casino. So, check all the rules before playing online.
make most of casino bonus

Make the most out of Online Casino Bonuses

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Every time you come across an interesting promotional offer, there are a few things that you need to check. Let’s check them out.
blackjack or video poker

Comparison Between Online Blackjack And Online Video Poker

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Blackjack and Video Poker both offer huge average returns to the players. This is the main reason why both the games are very popular in India.
Reverse Withdrawal

How to Avoid Reverse Withdrawal in an Online Casino?

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Online casinos use the reverse withdrawal strategy to make the winners deposit back the amount cleverly and then they might lose the money by betting again.