Online Casino Bonuses Guide For India Players

The Official India Online Casino Bonus Guide has been written to educate and inform you about everything there is to know about the best online casino bonus offers in India. We have years of professional experience in the online gaming industry and we want to pass our knowledge and inside information on to you. Online casino bonuses can be your key to a jackpot. Who does not love freebies? They are the most exciting part because you get it for your efforts or as a promotion to enjoy some services for free. we giving you all the information about online casino offers and bonuses, so keep reading.

Best Online Casinos Bonuses and Promotions

Everything You Need To Know About Casino Bonuses In India

Our in-depth online casino bonus guide will give you everything you need to find out the best bonuses in India. Today’s online gaming environment is packed full of casinos and it seems like new sites are appearing every month. Each of these casinos is trying to catch your attention with their online casino best bonus offers and so it can be confusing for a beginner who doesn’t yet know all of the bonus jargon. The online casino bonus is one way for the online casinos in India to fight the competition by luring more and more players to join in. while it is a great tool for the businesses, it an equally gratifying opportunity for the players as well.

With this in mind, we think that it’s essential for you to understand what each bonus means, and more importantly, which bonus offers are worth claiming. Our online casino bonuses list is full of useful tips to make your overall gaming experience more enjoyable.

The Different Types Of Online Casino Bonuses In India

Welcome Bonuses / Sign-up Bonus

casino welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is a type of pre-requisite every online casino offers to its players. Every new sign up is welcomed with a standalone or a package of bonuses which can be in the form of free spins, deposit match bonus, or a combination of both. The sign-up / welcome bonus is awarded to a new player when they register for an online casino and make their first deposit. In case of a match welcome bonus, in such cases, the casino offers an amount equal to your deposits which means you get credits worth double of your initial deposits. When you start playing with the welcome bonuses, you need to keep a close eye on the wagering requirements as well as the maximum cash-out amounts to make the best out of the free bonus.

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Match Bonus

match bonus

The match bonus is definitely one of our online casino best bonus options. Aimed at both new and existing players, it’s a simple offer that involves the casino ‘matching’ your own deposit with a percentage bonus amount. This amount can range anywhere from 25% to 300% and beyond at some of the bigger casinos. Let’s take a 100% Match Deposit Bonus, for example. A deposit of ₹1000 would result in the casino matching it with another ₹1000, giving you a total of ₹2000 in your casino playing account. A 200% bonus would give you ₹3000 in total from a ₹1000 deposit, and so on.

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Free Spins Bonus

The free spins bonus has grown in popularity over the last few years and it has become one of the favorite online casino free bonus features amongst players. This free playing type of bonus is often awarded during your slots playing session or as a free gift from the casino. Casinos often use the free spins bonus to promote their new game releases which are a win-win situation for you. You get to try out the latest games with the extra chance of winning cash prizes, all for free!

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No deposit casino bonus

deposit no deposit

There are different online casino bonuses offers and the no deposit bonus is one of the most popular ones. This is the latest tactic that casinos are applying to get more player signups. Just as the name suggests, you do not have to make any deposits with the casinos to earn the bonus. Simply put, with these bonus points you can play at a casino for free, try out some specific games and assess whether to continue or not.

You just need to register with an online casino offering no deposit casino bonus India and you will receive the money under your name automatically. There are wagering requirements imposed on no deposit bonus and in most cases, it is higher than the other bonuses. There are several terms and conditions that can make the withdrawal tougher in case of n deposit bonuses, so be careful when you sign up for one. There are also some no deposit casino bonus codes available online that allow you to make smoother and bigger wins.

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Deposit Casino Bonus

The deposit casino bonus is very similar to the match bonus, only this time the bonus is a set amount regardless of how much you deposit. You will see the bonus displayed as “Deposit ₹1000 & Claim ₹500 Bonus”, this means you’ll receive the ₹500 bonus if you deposit ₹1000, ₹2000 or ₹5000. This bonus is more suited to those players who deposit lower amounts, unlike the ‘Match Bonus’ where the more you deposit, the bigger the bonus. You get to keep control of your budget using the deposit casino bonus which is an important aspect when it comes to sensible online gaming.

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Loyalty Bonus

loyalty bonus

The more you play, the more you receive. Loyalty bonuses are often awarded on a monthly basis and will be dependant on how much you have deposited and played throughout the previous month. The loyalty bonus is another one of our online casino best bonus options. Loyalty bonuses can either be spontaneous or a regular weekly/monthly occurrence, either way, these bonuses are great online casino offers. The extra incentive is that a lot of these bonuses come with minimal wagering requirements, sometimes none whatsoever, so they do have the potential to be very rewarding if you win.

Sticky Bonus

The sticky bonus is very similar to the match bonus except the bonus money is locked. This means, providing you meet all of the wagering requirements, you can only withdraw your initial deposit money and any winnings made from playing the bonus. The bonus money is subtracted and removed from your account once used. Casinos tend to be generous when offering sticky bonuses because they know that the bonus money will eventually be returned. The advantage of these bonuses is that you can boost your casino bankroll and play with maximum bets which often results in bigger prizes.

Mobile Casino Bonus

mobile bonus

The mobile casino bonus is another one of our online casino best bonus options. The rise of mobile gaming has given casino players the opportunity to play their games wherever and whenever they want. The latest mobile technology enables you to enjoy smooth mobile gaming so now casinos are rewarding players who sign up via their mobile sites.

Mobile casinos can be accessed through the internet browser of your mobile device or via a dedicated mobile app. Signing up via either of these methods will allow you to claim the various mobile casino bonuses on offer.

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Monthly and reload bonuses

monthly casino bonus & reload bonuses

Monthly and reload bonuses are other grants from the casinos. These are the second type of bonuses that you get on making a deposit after welcome bonuses. Most of the time, these bonuses are either intimated to the players via email or awarded as a token of loyalty. Reload bonuses have no limit when you reach the VIP Slot of any online casino business.

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Refer a friend bonus

refer a friend

The refer a friend bonus has always been one of the more popular online casinos offers available. It’s a simple process where you receive bonus money for every depositing friend that you invite. All you need to do is send out the link provided by the casino.

Most casinos will be offering some sort of referral bonus. You’ll find various limits of how many friends you can invite and how much you can earn per referral. Some online casinos are known to offer up to ₹2000 per friend!

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Payment method bonuses

Another rare kind of bonuses, these are the bonuses offered by casinos for choosing any specific type of payment method. These bonuses are usually promotional and are used to encourage players to pick some specific type of payment method.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonus

The cashback bonus involves the casino giving back a percentage of the money that you’ve wagered in a day, week, or month. This is popular amongst players with some casinos offering up to 15-20% in cashback. It works a lot like the loyalty bonus where consistent play is rewarded on a regular basis.

High rollers and VIP’s can earn some impressive cashback bonuses due to their high-stakes wagering. However, casinos do put a maximum cap on this type of bonus to stop players from receiving too much money back into their accounts.

How To Claim Online Casinos Bonuses

  1. Firstly, choose the online casino that you wish to play. We recommend that you look out for any of our online casino best bonus options like the match or mobile casino bonuses. Take time to check the terms and conditions such as wagering requirements and withdrawal restrictions before deciding on a final site and bonus offer.
  2. Once you’ve decided on your new site with the best online casino offers, it’s time to sign-up and register your personal details. You’ll also need your bank details if you are required to make a minimum deposit. You’ll only be asked for your name and email address if you’re signing up for a no-deposit bonus.
  3. Depending on the type of bonus that you’re signing up to, you might be asked to opt-in or enter a bonus code. If neither of these applies then your bonus will be automatically credited to your casino account after registration is complete.
    You’re now free to enjoy your casino bonus money. Remember to note down the wagering requirements to keep tabs on when you can withdraw your winnings.

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Criteria To Claim An Online Casinos Bonus

Claiming online casino bonuses is a straightforward process if you understand the type of bonus that you want. We’ve already talked through the different types available to you earlier on, but to make things simple, you can split the casino bonus into two categories.

  • New player casino bonus
  • Existing player casino bonus

A new player bonus offer requires you to sign up to the casino and this means accepting their terms and conditions and confirming your personal details. If it’s a deposit-based bonus then you’ll also need to provide your payment methods such as Visa or Neteller. If it’s an online casino free bonus for new players that you’re claiming then you’ll only need to enter your name and email address.

ID verification will also be required before you can withdraw any winnings. New player casino bonuses are often automatically credited upon successful registration, if not, keep an eye out for pop-up forms with opt-in checkboxes and bonus code boxes.

The existing player bonus is a lot easier to claim as you’ve already signed up and entered all of your details. Just follow the bonus instructions, whether that’s making a deposit, opting-in via a button, or wagering a certain amount before your bonus is credited.

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Wagering Requirements For Online Casinos Bonuses

Wagering requirements and game contributions are the two most important details of any casino bonus. Understanding what they mean and how they work will allow you to choose the right bonuses. Many experienced casino players only claim bonuses with terms and conditions that are achievable. In other words, reasonable wagering requirements and fair game contributions.

What does the term ‘wagering requirements’ actually mean? It describes the amount that you need to wager in order to withdraw your winnings. Your money is then ‘free’ to withdraw.

Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements Example:

  • CasinoAce is offering a welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹1000
  • You make a deposit ₹1000 and receive ₹1000 in bonus money
  • Your CasinoAce playing account now shows ₹2000 in total
  • The bonus wagering requirements are displayed as 10x
  • A quick calculation shows us that ₹2000 x 10 = ₹20000
  • At least ₹20000 needs to be wagered before you can make a withdrawal

What about game contributions? This is the wagering percentage from each game that will count towards completing the overall bonus wagering requirement. Unfortunately, not all casino games are weighted the same.

Standard Game Contribution Percentages:

  • Slots – 100%
  • Table Games (unless otherwise stated) – 20%
  • Video Poker – 10%
  • Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat – 5%

This means that all of your wagering on slots will count towards completing your wagering requirements. However, only 5% of your total wagers on Online Blackjack will go towards clearing your bonus money. As you can see, understanding these two important details is all about online casino best bonus practice. Knowledge is power if you want to enjoy a long-lasting casino experience.

Online Casino Bonuses Summary

If you are in for some free online casino bonus, you can find casino bonus codes online and increase your chances to get the best casino bonus offers. You can learn more about these bonuses and make money. There are many lucky players who have enjoyed casino no deposit bonus and they have won real money. Understand each type of online casino bonus and enjoy playing at your favorite online casino and win some real money quickly and smartly.

FAQ – Online Casino Bonuses

How do online casino bonuses work?

Online bonuses are designed to entice new players into signing up and to keep existing players loyal and entertaining. Nowadays, new players don’t even need to make a deposit to claim their bonus. A simple name and email address are all you need to enjoy free casino game time. You’ll even find some loyalty-based bonus offers that are completely free. However, most online casino offers work by asking the player to make a deposit, after which the casino will add the bonus money to their account.

What is an online casino bonus?

The online casino bonus gives players increased bankroll and longer playing sessions. The casino uses the bonus to keep players entertained by rewarding those who deposit frequently and play every week. The online casino bonus comes in all different shapes and sizes but the outcome is always the same, no matter the bonus type. It might be a match bonus or a free spins bonus, the end result is always extra playing time for the players.

What is a welcome bonus?

Welcome bonuses are used by casinos to entice new players and the homepage of any casino will showcase the main details of the bonus at the top. Nowadays, you’ll see a mixture of bonus money and free spins as this attracts both table game lovers and slots fans. Welcome bonus packages are forever changing and improving. Each casino is trying to create a unique online casino best bonus package and that offers players the best possible bonuses.

What is a deposit bonus?

The deposit bonus is one of the oldest types of casino bonuses in use and revolves around the classic business deal of “you give me something and I’ll give you something”. In the case of online casinos, you make a deposit and they give you bonus money in return. The bonus could be anything from a straight 100% deal where they match your deposit up or it might be a set bonus regardless of your deposit amount. Check the individual bonus terms and conditions for the full details.

What is a no-deposit bonus?

The no-deposit bonus is a recent addition to the growing list of online casino offers. Nowadays, casinos need to offer unique selling points in order to stand out from the crowd and the no-deposit bonus became the go-to offer for most sites. The no-deposit bonus, also known as an online casino free bonus, is one of the easiest bonuses to claim. You don’t need to enter personal details like your address, just your name and email address will do.

Are online casinos bonuses worth it?

Most players benefit from online casino offers and bonuses because it gives them a bigger bankroll to play with. This benefit adds to overall casino entertainment which is obviously a good thing. Bonuses are only not worth claiming when the terms and conditions are unfair. Huge wagering requirements usually means that you’ll never see your winnings. Understanding online casino best bonus practices is important for picking out the best offers.

Is a casino bonus for everyone?

The casino bonus is not for everyone because some players are very specific when it comes to the games they play. For example, a player who enjoys playing roulette is unlikely to take many online casino offers due to the fact that roulette game contribution usually offers around 5-10%. Roulette players don’t gain much in the long run apart from a few extra spins of the wheel. The problem is, if they do win then their balance gets locked until the wagering requirements are met or they lose their money.

How often can I receive a casino bonus?

Most casinos allow you to claim multiple casino bonuses at a time but we don’t recommend it. Calculating wagering requirements can become complicated when you’ve got more than one bonus in play, so keep to our online casino best bonus practice and stick to one at a time. The promotions pages are often full of online casino free bonus offers and weekly deals, so it’s a good idea to work out a bonus plan. Give yourself time to meet the wagering requirements of each bonus and then move on to the next offer to keep your playing account topped up!

Can I withdraw a casino bonus?

It all depends on the terms and conditions of the online casino offers. It’s rare to come across a bonus that you can withdraw instantly. The reason why wagering requirements were introduced by casinos in the first place was to stop bonus abuse. If terms and conditions apply to your online casino best bonus then you can only withdraw your winnings once you have met the specific requirements.

Are casino online bonus codes game specific?

Most bonus codes will be game-specific, both in terms of wagering requirements and the games the bonus can be used on. For example, a bonus code might give you online casino free bonus money where you can only settle the wagering requirements via slots and/or video poker. For bonus codes that reward you with free spins, you’ll find that most of the time the spins are only available on one game or a handful of similarly themed games.