How AI is Influencing the Video Gaming Industry

AI in the gaming industry

For all the enthusiastic video gamers and casino players, Artificial Intelligence technology is all set to change the video gaming industry. Almost every industry is trying to leverage AI to enhance efficiency in different operational sectors, including the gaming industry. This is because AI is the future and using AI in gaming industry is surely going to make it even more phenomenal and unbelievable. 

Technology has been at the forefront of various industries. While manifesting progressive development and growth, technology has paved the way for emerging trends like Artificial Intelligence. It already has much wider use in our everyday life. Be it virtual assistants such as Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, it has helped in improving user experience.

It is now all set to make its mark upon the online casino industry, even though everything is still in the beginning phases.

But first, let’s get to know a little bit about AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the process to integrate an intelligence system into machines that will make it think and take its own decisions. The primary idea is to develop devices that will take its cue from the environment and take the required action.

AI in gaming industry

AI has been around for a long time now. In fact, its applications have been tried in video gaming, healthcare, finance, and automotive already. It has been introduced in this field to find out solutions to complicated problems. Ultimately, it enables machines to study and learn from human behavior. Then the environment modifies its actions, accordingly. 

Introducing AI in Gaming Industry

Do you know that a few areas in the casino industry already use AI. Things like marketing automation, CRM, facial recognition, voice recognition, predictive asset maintenance, and sentiment analysis are all working as the pillars of AI in the gaming industry.

It is due to AI that made the concept of smart data possible. With the help of AI, it can collect and analyze data to give out accurate predictions in a timely manner.

It was a real breakthrough a few years ago when the algorithm-based software AlphaGO AI was able to defeat the best GO player. AI has further showcased its power in the gambling industry as the AI computer was successful in taking on and defeating the top poker player at over 120,000 hands of no-limit Texas Hold ’em. This is how AI in the gaming industry is making its presence far more competitive.

AlphaGo defeated the best GO player
AlphaGo defeated the best GO player

Poker is more challenging than most of the strategy games for artificial intelligence. Naturally, it has thrown the top gambling operators into a dilemma. The fact that technology has surpassed a human brain in relation to strategic thinking and ability means it can be applied to live casino games to get the perfect playing combinations.

Hence, there are no doubts about the fact that AI in gaming industry is going to bring about radical changes in the near future. But, the question is how it is going to change the gambling industry? Which areas in online casinos will experience the evolution of AI? Let’s check it out.

How AI in Gaming Industry Can Change Online Gambling?

As the gambling industry is spreading its wings online, the introduction of AI in the gaming industry will bring in more thrill and excitement for casino lovers. There are 932 million users in the online gaming industry as per the below study graph. This number is continuously increasing as people love playing online casino games.

graph showing growth of AI

However, it is not just the excitement, there are other things too that AI can help in online casinos. Let’s check them out. 

Prevent Frauds

Online casinos come with some downsides in comparison to brick-and-mortar casinos. It helps in identifying genuine players from computers playing on the other side to win.

In online gambling, there isn’t a CCTV camera that will check on the player. This is where AI proves to be helpful. It can detect the punter’s probity with advanced captcha and will keep a check on the user’s action through the webcam connected. Through this, online casinos can detect suspicious user behaviors by comparing the user’s previous moves in its database.

online slots

Moreover, it can alert casino operators about suspicious activity to stop cheating. This way, good and trustworthy online casinos such as LeoVegas, Royal Panda, or Jeet Play can prevent fraudsters from entering into the site. This will be beneficial for the online casino players also as they can rest assured that they are not playing with any players who have a history of doing frauds.

Better Customer Service

One of the most important aspects that real money casino sites have to take care of is providing excellent customer support. Many sites use chatbots to interact with customers. However, it can often frustrate customers when they don’t get the answers to their questions. Luckily, AI can take over useless bots. 

Artificial Intelligence learns and analyzes the playing habits of the customers and is replacing them slowly. So, it will give out personalized and precise answers to the questions. Also, AI can make sure that when real representatives are tackling the issues, the ticket is forwarded to the right agent.

Almost 78% of the brands have implemented it on their website. These brands aim to improve customer service in time to come. This helps the online casino players to get their queries resolved in a timely manner.

Keeps Away Underage Gamblers

All countries have their own age restrictions when it comes to gambling. Since gambling seems like an easy method to earn money, it attracts many minors. However, underage gamblers are more prone to addiction.

underage playing casino

In this case, AI can help in verifying the age of the gambler while they register into an online casino to play Slots, Blackjack, or Roulette. Other than keeping out underage gamblers, it can also identify addicted punters by tracking its behaviors. So, it can alert operators to ban or advise these gamblers. 

Improves Payment Security

Another significant consideration of online casinos is its security. With artificial intelligence, the online casino and gambling sites can secure the account details and the payments of the user. The gambling industry has to deal with a large sum of money every day. In a live casino, punters are always excited to place live bets as the live games offer more fun and thrill.

deposit money

So, it is crucial to make online transactions secure. By introducing AI, you can add additional security later. Also, this will make it a reliable platform and help in gaining the trust of your customers. Users can also use mobile casinos to easily play from the comfort of their smartphones and add money directly from their online payment apps.

Smart Data Analysis

Online casinos use data that they can use for analyzing customer behavior. It can use this technology to forecast the requirements of the punters and decide what drives them to switch games or quit playing. 

The collected data is used for various purposes. Some of them like to find out what features make an online slot more appealing to the gamblers, while some casinos might just want to know how much bonus they should offer to the new users.

welcome bonus

This way AI in gaming industry helps to understand the mindset of new users. Most of the users leave the site if they don’t find the welcome bonus worthy enough to play online casino games. Therefore, AI can help in analyzing the data and provide relevant suggestions to the casino operators.

Improves User Experience

In this competitive era of business, each gambling site has to strive to deliver the best user experience. This helps to attract new customers and retain existing ones. The gambling industry has the responsibility as the customer signs up on their casino site for entertainment as well as to earn money. So, to make sure that they have a seamless experience without compromising on its security, online casinos can use AI technology. 

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the operators can smoothen out the process to deliver the best user experience. AI collects all user data, analyzes, and customizes the games on the basis of user preference. They analyze the customer’s preference through the time that they spend on each game and why they are switching over to a different game. AI can create a game or a list of games that are suitable for the users. So, it helps you ensure a better user experience. 

Brings in More Players

An online casino uses data to analyze the players behavior. Using this, they can update their features and improve user experience. Apart from this, it can also help with promotions and marketing. With Artificial Intelligence, gambling sites can attract more punters, particularly youngsters through different techniques like ads, email marketing, etc. 

So, AI can play a significant role in bringing in more players to the casino site.

How the Online Casino Industry is Getting an AI Boost?

AI in gaming industry is the ideal solution to many problems faced by online casinos. A man and a machine come together to provide the best possible experience. The gambling industry focuses on statistics and probability. So, integrating AI is the ideal choice.

Here is a quick summary of all benefits of using AI in the gaming industry.


  1. Helps to prevent frauds
  2. Improves customer service
  3. Enhances user experience
  4. Helps to estimate the bonus amount expected by users

No doubt, AI is changing how the online gambling industry works. The real question is when is it going to take over the industry completely. Operators have already started using AI. You might already be playing against an AI machine in a majority of the online slots. Artificial Intelligence is not just beneficial for the players but also for the online casinos.

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