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Best Slots

Which are the most popular slot games around? How would a list of the top online slot games look? These are the questions we’ll address as we highlight some of the best slots of the last couple of decades.

The Best and Most Popular Slots

The “best” slots aren’t always the most popular slots. Sometimes, a slot is released at the right time and in the right place and is able to succeed because of fortune more than anything else.

But most of the time, they succeed because they have something special, something that simply isn’t seen that often, and that’s the case with these top slots.

Monopoly Slots

Monopoly slotsWhat happens when you take the world’s biggest board game, add some flash features and slick animations, and turn it into a series of slots? You get one of the iGaming industry’s most popular creations. The Monopoly license is one of the most sought-after in the online gambling industry. Most titles launched under this license would be included in any list of the top 10 online slot games.

Rich Uncle Pennybags is one of the mainstays in these slots and they also feature many other classic Monopoly imagery, including the board itself. The games range from classic Monopoly themes, where the goal is to make your way around the board, landing on big wins, passing Go, and avoiding jail, to ones based around jackpots.

Every slot fan who has spent more than a few years playing casino titles has played at least one of these popular slot games and that, along with the large fanbase of players who rush to anything that carries the Monopoly name, is why they are so popular.

Mega Moolah

mega moolahMega Moolah was not the world’s first online progressive jackpot slot, but it has become so synonymous with this genre that people believe it is. Mega Moolah was created by Microgaming and is easily one of the top 10 online slot games to carry the famous Microgaming brand. It can be found at Jackpot City, Spin Casino, and other Microgaming sites reviewed by Casino Billions India.

Adopting a safari aesthetic, Mega Moolah is a slick, quick, and stylish slot, one that seems as relevant and high-tech now as it did back in 2006, when it was first launched. The biggest feature here, obviously, is the progressive jackpot.

Beginning with a 7-figure seed amount, this jackpot grows with every single spin taken on every casino. It’s paid by the developer, not the casino, so regardless of where you play this slot or which currency you use, you’re playing for the same payout

Mega Moolah has the biggest jackpot of any popular slot game. It has been setting and breaking this record for years, including jackpots of GBP13.2 million in 2015 and EUR18 million in 2018.

Deal or no Deal

Deal or no DealThe Deal or no Deal brand is huge. It is one of the most popular gameshows in the world, even though the premise is incredibly simple. In fact, the beauty of this game lies in its simplicity. Players just need to open boxes, receive offers, and choose to continue or collect. In many ways, Deal or no Deal was tailormade for the online slot industry, which is why games carrying this brand are some of the most popular slot games around.

There have been a few Deal or no Deal gambling games. Some of them are an exact copy of the gameshow, with players getting a box, choosing other boxes to open, and then eventually getting around to opening their own box. Others are more like traditional slots, with icons such as the Banker. In both cases, these popular slot games are a huge hit with fans.

Rainbow Riches

rainbow richesThe Rainbow Riches slot is a phenomenon, one that has transcended the virtual world and can be found in land-based casinos, arcades, pubs, and restaurants all over the world. It is the game that countless leprechaun slots are based on and it can be found in the vast majority of popular online casinos.

Created by Barcrest, which is now part of the growing Scientific Gaming family, Rainbow Riches features memorable features like the Wishing Well selection feature and one that sends players on a jackpot-gathering journey.

As is to be expected, there is also a pot of gold sitting at the end of a colourful rainbow and rounding off the three great features found on this popular slot.

Book of Ra

Book of RaBook of Ra is an ancient Egyptian slot that was released back in 2004 and has gone on to inspire many more slots like it. In fact, any list of the top online slot games will feature at least one of these titles, if not Book of Ra itself.

For instance, Book of Dead, which has become one of the most popular slot games of the last few years, was based on Book of Ra, with many considering it to be an almost exact copy.

Book of Ra may look a little dated right now, but it’s still a popular game and one that is well worth playing if you have never played it before.

Age of the Gods

age of the gods slotThe Age of the Gods series has consistently listed amongst the top online slot games and are the only progressive slots to get anywhere near Mega Moolah in terms of jackpot size and popularity.

Created by Playtech, this series was initially themed around Marvel Superheroes. The slots included ones based on Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Thor, as well as brands like Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

Known as superhero slot machines, these were some of the most popular slot games around, and then they disappeared. So, what happened?

In 2009, the Marvel brand was acquired by Disney. 8 years later, after a few major overhauls, Disney decided it wanted nothing to do with online gambling and so it refused to renew Playtech’s license. As a result, Playtech had an entire series of popular slots games that it simply wasn’t allowed to use.

Thinking on their feet, the savvy developers at Playtech quickly re-skinned all the slots, swapping superheroes for Greek gods, and keeping the great games, features, and jackpots without infringing upon the Marvel trademark.

It was an easy switch to make and most of the games were seamless. If you’re playing the Zeus-based King of Olympus for the first time, you wouldn’t know it was simply a reskin of Iron Man 2, and the same applies for Prince of Olympus, which simply used Greek hero Hercules in place of Marvel hero Hulk.

It’s a little more obvious with Furious Four, which seems like a strange, hodgepodge mix of Greek demigods, titans, and gods (Apollo, Pandora, Atlas, Hephaestus) until you realize it was initially a Fantastic Four slot, but it still works.

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