Live Roulette Online

If you love gambling, the chances are high that you must have already enjoyed a game of online live roulette. It is a popular game that has to date made many lucky people luckier and wealthy people wealthier. But, a sad fact about this game is that not many people actually know how to win a roulette game. Reportedly, Indians lose the highest amount of money on online casino games because they do not know the secret tips to win. If you are one of those who loves playing roulette but hates losing money online, we are up with some tips for you.


You need to have a roulette strategy in the first place to foster your chances of winning a game. If you are in for some profits through live roulette online in India, here are some tips that you must know:

Tip 1: Do Not Rush Into Placing A Bet

Especially when you are a beginner, the rush can get you killed. It means that before you place a bet, understand the odds. The thumb rule to play live roulette online says- the number you bet on, the better chances of winning you hold. You can either choose to bet on a single number and win some money, or you can simply bet on a combination of number and have higher chances of winning a fortune. Most beginners fail to understand the mathematics here and place a bet on a single number, well why take chances when you can easily win by placing a bet on two numbers or maybe an entire row or column or half of the table.

Tip 2: Learn More About The Betting System

There are many betting systems in online Roulette and it is important that you have a basic understanding of them. there are professional roulette players who alter their bets depending on whether they win or lose in a game. This is because they are professionals of the game and know how to follow a strategy. But, again the tricky part is that no roulette strategy is assured to give favorable outcomes. If someone has won using a particular strategy, it not assured that you also can. Each betting system has its own functional model which may or may not work for you.

Tip 3: There Are No Biased Wheels In Online Live Roulette

The historical records prove that some people made a fortune out of a roulette game because the wheel was biased and had some specific numbers pop up more than often. The part of it is because the constant movement of the ball and when it stops on a particular slot, cam make dents on the wheel. These dents can affect the chances of the ball landing on some specific slots. In another case, some biased wheels have a tilt which again can affect the chances of the ball landing on a particular slot.

Now, because you are playing roulette live in India, there are no chances of a biased wheel as everything is virtual. There is no physics involved here and the wheel uses a random number generator to pick any number.

Tip 4: Play With A Good Casino

Like we say always, your chances of winning in the live roulette game online in India are higher and prosperous when you play with a reputed Indian casino online. The first thing to find out about an online casino is whether it is legitimate or not. Also, the casino should be reputed and reliable. There are several online casinos but not many of them are allowed to entertain online players. Check the history of the casino before you start playing on it. If it has paid its customers, you must carry on, if not, consider it as a red flag.

Tip 5: Keep The Bets Affordable

Often, greed makes us bet more than what we can afford. It is very important to have control over your desires and play the game in a way that you do not have to end up losing your hard-earned money.

These are some Online Live Roulette tips that you must know before you put your first bet on the table. Online roulette is great fun if you play fair and win some money. Use these tips and enjoy a game of Online roulette in India.