Unlike other nations, Indians do like to try their luck in gambling activities. The roots of the different gambling activities can be found deep into Indian culture, making people think that they can’t live without participating in complex betting games. All the demand of the gamblers is fulfilled in the game of craps. With online craps, the gambling experience has become more flexible as there are plenty of craps games being offered by casinos online.

If you are looking for the best craps online casino game to play for real fun then you have just landed at the right place. Casino Billions offers some of the best online craps games that will keep your interest alive while gambling and help you to earn big. The best part about playing craps online is that you can participate in the game anytime, anywhere without any issues.


History Of Craps Game

The history suggests the game originated amongst Greek people, who then taught Romans during 12 century and then Romans taught this game to Sir William, a renowned English Noble who made this game known to the world. During middle age (14th century) the game was called Hazard, literally meaning dice and further was spread all around Europe and Canada. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the game found its way in the U.S. and spread at a good pace. The game today has become quite famous among gamblers and played all around the world.

The crap version we play nowadays is an improvised version of the old game. Sir John H. Winn often termed as the ’father of modern craps’ brought around various changes and completely redesigned the gaming experience.

How To Play Craps Online

The game of craps might confuse people in the beginning but once grasped, anyone can make big in it as it offers multiple ways to win. The game requires placing a wager before the dice roll called the ‘come out roll’. Following this, the player decides and bets his chips on the game table. Further, dices are rolled and coherent results get paid when won. Here are some more basic terms that will help you out:

  • Come-out dice roll: This is the dice roll that kick-start the game. The first goal is to get a total value of dice impressions equivalent to 8, 9, 10 or 4, 5, 6. Now the dealer is turned OFF and you can choose between two bets, either ‘Pass Line’ or ‘Don’t Pass’ one.
  • Points dice roll: Any dice roll that happens after the points total is established out of the aforementioned numbers, is called the points roll. The dealer is turned ON and you choose between two bets, either ‘Come’ or the ‘Don’t come’.
  • The pass line bet: You bet that the total would either be a 7 or an 11. If total comes anywhere in between then you bet again the total would come as 7 and then you make a ‘Come’ or ‘Don’t Come’ bet.
  • Don’t pass bet: You bet that value will be a total of 3 or 2 if it comes 7 or 11 you lose while if 12 comes it’s a draw and amount are bankrolled.
  • Come bet: You bet on 7 and 11 to come out while if 2, 3 or 12 comes you lose and if you spot anything else in between the dice is rolled again before 7 finally comes.
  • Don’t Come bet: You bet on 2 or 3 to come and if 7 or 11 are rolled you lose. However, if 12 come your bet money is returned since it’s a draw.

Why Play Online Craps?

Unlike other casino-based games, online craps do keep the interest of the player active because of the following reasons:

  1. The craps game can be played in tons of different ways.
  2. The game offers a few bets with no house edge.
  3. In craps, if one number is selected by a couple of people, there are chances they both can win if they get the desired number.
  4. Playing for real money can be very exciting if you already have a winning streak in a practice game of craps online.

Advantages Of Online Craps Played For Real Money

Online craps offer a good value return on money since it has various ways and tricks it can be won. This is mostly done because of the liberty to place multiple bets to have a higher chance of winning. This game gives you a perfect package of entertainment, fun and real return on money because of generous odds.