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With modern mobile phones becoming more and more expensive, and online casino games becoming more complex, it can sometimes be hard to get a device that allows you to play the best games. There’s no need to worry though: here at Casino Billions we’ve put together a concrete list of the cheapest mobile phones for gaming.

Our guide will let you take advantage of some of the most highly-rated casino games available at places like Lucky Days Casino, without spending a fortune on a cutting-edge smartphone. So, if you want to play the best video slots and table games like Live Dealer Blackjack without breaking the bank, read on to see what you can get for your money.

Realme X2

Realme_X2The Realme X2 offers players a 6.4-inch display that is full HD. This means that when playing live dealer games, players will be able to experience them in all of their glory. It’s not just the screen that makes it impressive though: the battery life for the X2 is up there with some of the top devices on the market. It enables players to game continuously for a long time even with superb visuals and complex animations on the screen.

But does the processing power represent the same value for money as the screen and battery? Put simply, the processor for the X2 is superb: it’s a Snapdragon 712 with 2.3 GHz speed. It also includes an Adreno 616 GPU to provide the visuals, which ensures that any games you choose to play on this device will look great and run smoothly.

You can also get up to 8GB of RAM with the X2 which helps to keep games running fast. On the whole, if you want to play some of the more advanced video slots on the market, not only is this one of the cheapest mobile phones for gaming, but it’s one of the few lower-cost devices that still offers premium gaming performance.

Poco X2

Poco-X2The Poco X2 takes a different approach to most mobile devices, using a different type of screen to provide its visuals. The screen itself weighs in at 6.67 inches, meaning it has plenty of real estates even for even a complete Online Roulette table. Where the device really excels is its 120 Hz refresh rate, faster than the majority of other devices on the market. There is a slight trade-off in visual clarity due to this refresh rate, but it’s still an HD screen that offers passable quality for the majority of games.

The Poco X2 also holds up to 8GB of RAM which will run the vast majority of games at a good pace. The processor is a Snapdragon 730 G, which features eight cores. You can really run this device hard and will get no complaints whatsoever in terms of lag or overheating.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

xiaomi-redmi-note-8-proWith a 6.5-inch screen, the Redmi Note 8 Pro offers a healthy amount of screen space, just like the others on our list. The name Note might lead you to expect a bigger screen, but make no mistake, 6.5 inches is more than enough space to play your favourite games. The screen itself is HD, so you will be able to view all of your games exactly as the developer intended them. It also has a good battery life so that when you inevitably get involved in a marathon session, you won’t have to worry about rushing to find a charge point.

The processor is a lesser known piece of hardware than Snapdragon: the MediaTek Helio G90T. However, this processor can still compete with many of the bigger name rivals on the market. There is also 8GB of RAM built into the device, which helps it to compete with some of the more powerful models commanding a higher price.

Vivo Z1 Pro

The Vivo Z1 Pro is a quality device at a great price, offering players a full HD screen with a size of 6.53 inches. This ensures that no matter what game you’re playing, you get a great, full view of everything on-screen. The only slight downside to the screen is that it’s not AMOLED; it’s an IPS LCD screen. This means that it doesn’t offer quite the same pop and clarity as some other screens. However, it’s still full HD and unless you’re comparing devices side-by-side, you won’t be able to tell the difference. The Z1 Pro also includes an awesome gaming mode which offers some fun vibrations to make your gaming a little more immersive.

The hardware in the Z1 Pro is up there with some of the best devices on the market. The battery can support up to seven hours of gaming at a time, the processor is a Snapdragon 712 and it comes with 6GB of RAM. In fact, it’s only the screen and RAM that stop this device being higher up the list of cheapest mobile phones for gaming. With slight upgrades to those, it could compete with pretty much any device on the market.

Realme XT

realme-xtThe XT is the follow up to the Realme X. As expected, it offers upgrades across the board in comparison to the earlier device and it gives players a great budget gaming experience. The battery can play for up to five hours at a time and the 6.4-inch screen is AMOLED and HD. Both of these combined to mean that even the most spectacular Video Slots on the market will play effortlessly (and looking fantastic) on this device.

The hardware for the XT is just as impressive. It features a Snapdragon 712 processor which can deal with even the most advanced mobile games. It also has a range of customisable options for players on a budget, such as varying the amount of RAM between 4 and 8 GB, depending on your budget.

This means that if you have a little bit of extra money available then you can squeeze a little bit more performance out of the device. As well as all of this, the Realme XT also includes Hyper Boost technology which uses the resources of the system in the most efficient way, diverting power to provide the best performance.

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