Signs of a Legit Casino in India

signs of legit casinos

Undoubtedly, an online casino can be a source of rolling the money easily for many people. But, sometimes, unprotected Indians can be the victim of online casino scammers. You should know that there are many popular platforms on which you can not enjoy the casino games but also can mint a good amount of money. There are some criteria on which you can judge an online casino. Read till the end to know about them.


Any service provider needs a valid license from the authorities to carry out the gambling things in a nation. Whenever you are going to invest some amount in an online casino game, make sure it is holding a license from the reputable authorities. The operators without a permit can not be trusted as you are not protected by anything in case if you are the victim of a scam.

Website Design

High-quality website of online casino games with multiple features means the gambling company has invested spent a lot of time and money for the users.  It means the operator wants to provide honest service to establish its website in the market. You should avoid playing on the platform with inferior designing and poor graphics as it can be scammers waiting for you to enter your bank details and pull out all the money.

Gaming Software

A legitimate online casino will always keep the certified gaming software on its website. As sometimes, the illegitimate and non-certified games can be a scam and can pull out your money every time you play. For example, they can be fixed and can show the fixed outcomes during the game so that the operator doesn’t have to pay you any money in the form of reward, bonus or winnings.

Payment Options

The best way to place your bets in any game on a website or application is to use the most common payment mode. Sometimes, the scammer can lure in the people by offering some bonus on paying through a fake payment mode. But you should always deposit your amount without being greedy from popular applications like PayPal, Neteller, google pay, etc.

Read Terms and Conditions

legit casinos in India

Most of the time, a player doesn’t read the terms and conditions of an online casino’s website and press the accept button. Beware, it can be dangerous when you are entering an unknown site for the first time and adding your details like debit or credit card number, bank account info, etc.

Before playing any game, you should go through all the guidelines. Sometimes, you can find such rules and regulations which should not be in the sections T&Cs. In this case, you need to find an alternative to the website.

Customer Support

 A legitimate operator always takes care of their customers or players. You can face any issue while playing on a website, and only customer care can solve your problems like deduction of bonus, rewards, etc. If an online casino has a valid license, beautiful graphics, and certified games, it always hires customer care representatives to address the problems of a player.

Whenever you visit a website, scroll down and look for the address, email, and other details that are always mentioned by any reputable service provider. 

The Bottom Line

Many foreign casinos are setting foot in the Indian market and also providing real cash to the users.  It is not a difficult task to find legitimate online casinos in India. All you have to do is check all the above points to differentiate between a scam and a real service provider.

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